100% Genuine Service

FixedTipsOnline providing the 100% genuine services, from website statement, tracked records, and odds information. Our service is monitored by an independent company we joined since year 2013, www.verifiedbets.com. You can use our service with confident and start winning.

Consistent Success

You should had see other tipster website saying that they always able to maintain 90% hits rate and above and when joined things are different. In FixedTipsOnline all our records is 100% monitored and it showing that the lowest month hits rate at 70% and we all time average at 78.5%.

100% Satisfaction

In FixedTipsOnline we ensure all members is satisfied with our service from customer support, perfomance and everything. Every paid member entitled for a guaranteed profits scheme. Every tip purchaser we ensure you win. If the tip lose or draw we will provide you replacement tips until profits.

24/7 Customer Support

What we think most important in this betting industry is honest and reliable. We are a monitored service, and that covered honest. And to be the most reliable soccer tipster we established a 24/7 customer support team. All inquiry, feedback or compaint will be handle immediately.

Welcome to the sports betting and corruption

When you think of corruption in Asian football, the image that immediately comes to mind is that of shady individuals from former Soviet Republics clutching brown envelopes stuffed with cash. Western European football fans frequently recall 1995, when Dynamo Kyiv were booted out of UEFA competitions for attempting to buy off a Spanish referee with a couple of fur coats and a suitcase full of money. Yet the former Soviet states have nothing, it would seem, on the rest of Asia, where match-fixing scandals are now a wildfire threatening to rage out of control. The latest embarrassing episode has seen FIFA step in to investigate a World Cup 2014 qualifying match between Bahrain and Indonesia.

FixedTipsOnline website is a site fully managed and sourced by a company founded by 3 Russian - Валентин (Mr Valentin), Александр (Mr Alexander) and Максим (Mr Maxim). And currently operating in Indonesia. Our company had involved more than 1000+ games globally and gain more than 1 billion of profits in soccer betting. Due to recent years of match fixing exposed our company is having hard time in gaining profits. The cost to fixing games is too high and us having hard time in placing bets that our company is banned from most sportsbook.

In year 2013, we officially setting up our first website and promoting our service to the public. The reason is to crowd funding to cover our costing. If you are reading this today you have the chances in getting involved in the most corrupted sports betting strategy and tips ever. Visit our buy now page now and experience yourself the most profitable soccer betting ever.